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Continental Pheasant Shoot, January 2018

Sandy Run Hunt Co. held it’s third Continental Pheasant Shoot of the season on January 20th. Sam Stock and Steve Alwerdt threw 180 birds to the eager shooters. The shooters enjoyed beautiful weather with a mild south wind that seemed to send the birds to all points of the compass throught the shoot. After a lunch of pulled pork, baked beans, ect. some of us headed back out to pick a few of the escapees.

Kevin and Tommy w/ Abby and Penny, Quail Hunt

Kevin and Tommy Diekroeger came over to hunt quail for a couple of days. Tommy brought his brittany, Abby and Kevin his setter, Penny to find the coveys spread around the old Tinkerfarm Lake. I got to hang around for a couple of covey rises and got to see the dogs work the birds and the hunters knock some down. The next morning they did it all again coming back with most of the birds from both days.

Jeff, Todd, Rob, Alex, Ethan and Andrew, Upland Bird Hunts

Jeff Steintjes set up a hunt for his family and friends, Rob and Alex Stientjes and Todd, Ethan and Alex Hamilton. After some warm up on a few clay pigeons they split into a couple of groups with Jeff Powell taking three hunters to the Cabin Field for primarily a pheasant and chukar hunt and Colton Wilkins guiding a group over at the middle Tinkerfarm going after coveys of quail. Both groups had a lot of action and some good wingshooting.

Jim, Jeff and Brian, Quail Hunt

Jim, Brian and Jeff Gray came out to hunt some quail. I set out some nice sized coveys around the west edge of the Clubhouse Field and Pasture Field to get in a mix of open and woods shooting. Hildy and Ava came out of their kennels to find and point the birds. Nice rise at the beginning of this video, followed by some good shooting.

Eric, Clayton, Preston, Jeff and Carter, Pheasant and Chukar Hunt

Eric and Preston Henkel came down from the north with Jeff, Carter and Clayton Seier for a weekend of pheasant and chukar hunts. Colton Wilkins guided them the first afternoon. They picked up most of their birds from the Cabin Field along with a bonus quail. Pork steaks, baked potatoes and steamed green beans for dinner followed with bacon and eggs for breakfast before heading over to the Tinkerfarm Field with Jeff Powell the next morning. They tracked through the thick milo flushing the big birds and coming back with most.

Jason and Wyatt, Pheasant and Quail Hunt

Jason and Wyatt Hill came out to hunt some pheasant and quail. Jeff Powell brought his brittany, setter, pointer, and cocker, Meg, to find, point and flush the birds. Really nice covey rise in the middle of the Clubhouse Field. The hunters got the bead on some pheasant as the hunt continued.

Adam and Dax, Chukar Work

Adam Langenfeld came out with his young shorthair, Dax for some work on chukar. It is was cold and nasty so I set out some chukar singles in the west part of the Clubhouse Field to get away from the wind and get Dax into some nice cover. It took a couple of rises on some of the birds, but that’s just more points and Adam and Dax came back with all.