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Ben, Zach, Tyler and Chris, Upland Bird Hunt

Ben and Zach Rasche brought out their college buds for their second annual upland bird hunt at Sandy Run. Colton Wilkins brought his pair of dogs to find the birds scattered around the Cabin Field. Lots of action in this video with the group nailing the pheasant and chukar, but coming up short on their quail harvest.

Terry, Roger, Mike and Bob w/ Sadie and Timber, Quail Hunt

Roger Well brought out his young lab, Timber to flush some quail for Terry Knebel, Mike Pykeman and Bob Merkel. I set out a few doubles to get Timber some work, before putting out some quail coveys in the Clubhouse Field. Terry’s shorthair, Sadie, got to join in the covey hunt and they found them all and came back some quail and an extra chukar.

Bo, Gary and Mark, Pheasant and Chukar Hunt

Bo Baer set up a pheasant and chukar hunt for his friends, Mark Mitchell and Gary Dodillet. They picked a day with some massive south winds so I tried to stash the birds in some calmer fields. Hildy, Ava and I took the hunters through the Clubhouse Field down into the pasture bottoms finding the chukar and most of the pheasants tucked into the cover. Pheasants were a tough quarry, getting up and running in the strong breeze, but they came back with almost all their chukar.

Larry, Bob, Doug and Dave, Quail Hunt

Larry Kleiner and his friends, Doug Hays, Dave Schumacher and Bob Dasenbrock came back after a week off for another quail hunt. Lots of good covey rises on this hunt from the birds in the Clubhouse Field. Doug may have had trouble knocking a bird down on the first rise, but he makes up for it snagging a cripple out of the air. Nice shooting, good dog work and a remarkable catch in this video.