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Spring Turkey Hunt – 2nd Lottery

The second lottery for Illinois Spring Turkey permits is now open.  This is the first lottery open to non-residents and it will be open until January 11th.  Fayette County permits are in demand, so if you would like to get a permit, be sure to get into the second lottery.

I still have three spots available for the spring season of 2019.  Check out all the information here, for an incredible turkey hunting opportunity.  

Kelsey and Terry w/ Cash and Sadie, Quail and Chukar Hunt

Terry Knebel brought out his neice, Kelsey Kniepmann and her Labradoodle, Cash, to see how he would do hunting some birds. Cash is an excellent deer shed hunter and you could tell he had a good nose, finding chukar and quail in the prairie cover. He just wasn’t too sure about the shooting part of the hunt, not scared, just not sure what to do. Terry got his shorthair, Sadie, out and we cleaned up some of the quail and then went in search of and found some bonus pheasant.

Brett and Friends, Upland Bird Hunt

Brett Goldschmidt brought out a bunch of friends for some upland bird hunting. Brett wanted non-stop action so I set out a pile of pheasant, chukar and quail to keep the hunt moving along. Travis Devall guided Brett and three hunters over at the Cabin Field, while Steve Sanders and I did the guiding in the Clubhouse Field. Dogs did a nice job and the hunters had a lot of shooting. A ton of good video from this hunt, be sure to watch the last scene. After the hunt, Brett served up some excellent BBQ chicken while they discussed the hunt and we cleaned their birds.

Rod, Chad and Bart, Pheasant and Chukar Hunts

Rod Carlson brought out his son, Bart and Chad, for a couple of pheasant and chukar hunts and a nights stay at the Sandy Run lodge. The first afternoon I guided them in the Clubhouse Field for pheasant and chukar. Sol and Ava got to start the hunt with Hildy and Ava getting to find the birds spread out later. Lots of good dog work and shooting. Evening with dinner and good conversation before heading to bed. Biscuits, eggs and gravy for breakfast before the three headed over to the Cabin Field with Steve Sanders after some more pheasant and chukar.

Hildy and Cooper Puppies Have Arrived

Our German Wirehair Pointer, Broomhilda (Hildy), birthed her first litter on November 25th and 26.  The final count after thirteen hours of labor was twelve puppies.

We bred Hildy with Brad Wood’s German Wirehair Pointer, Cooper.

Both parents are great hunters, I use Hildy for guiding upland hunts, you can find many videos of Hildy hunting here.  Cooper has been to Sandy Run several times and done a  great job hunting pheasant and chukar.  Cooper and Brad just got back from hunting pheasant in Iowa.

Hildy and Cooper, like most wirehairs, are incredible pets also.  Hildy is great in the house, lodge and the field.  Both of these dogs are extremely trainable and have massive drive in the field.  Plus even with a day to go in her pregnancy, Hildy still gives great hugs.

So if you are looking for an awesome hunting and home companion, the pups in this litter are perfect.  Call, text or email for more information.  Puppies will be available at day 49 on January 13th.  Prices start at $800, pick of each gender, $950.

Larry, Bob, Doug, Mark and Joe, Quail Hunt

Larry Kleiner set up a quail hunt, usually a warm up for wild bird season, that came a few days after the opener. Mark Meyer, Joe Mioux, Bob Dasenbrock and Doug Hays came along to hunt the coveys in the Cabin Field. Doug and Bob both brought setters, Pepper and Libby, Joe, his pointer, Ginger and Larry brought Holly, a german shorthair. Some nice covey rises, good dog work and shooting in this video.