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Tim and Joe, Pheasant and Quail Hunt

Joe Lawson brought out his son Tim for a pheasant and quail hunt on a beautiful spring afternoon. I got Hildy and Ava out of the kennel to find, point and retrieve the birds around the Clubhouse Field. The dogs did a good job on the pheasant finding more than were released. The quail were tough, especially around the corn crib, but Tim caught up with one, check it out toward the end.

Bob and Richard, Pheasant Hunt

Richard Lane and Bob Lescher came out to hunt some pheasant. Steve Sanders brought out his pointers to find and point the big birds in the North Tinkerfarm Field. The birds were on the run through the milo and into the prairie and timber fencerows. Made for a fun, challenging hunt.

Todd, Meg, Randy, Gerritt, Tim and Tyler, Upland Bird Hunt

Todd Goeb came out with a bunch of friends, Tim Guskey, Tyler Schroeder, Gerritt McCrory and Meg and Randy Hardtner for an all day upland bird hunt. Meg brought out her setter, Zoey and shorthair Jaeger for the morning hunt in the Clubhouse Field. After some lunch they headed out to the Clubhouse Field with Travis Devall and his trio of dogs. Really good late season hunt, with some nice quail rises.

Shaun, Kodde, Dustin, Jackson and Brian, Upland Bird Hunt

Shaun, Dustin and Cody Lance came out for an upland bird hunt along with Brian and Jackson Clark. The took out Skeeter and Remmington to find the chukar, pheasant and quail coveys scattered around the Clubhouse Field. Nice hunt, getting all their big birds and leaving just a few quail. After Shaun and I went out with his young setter Lucy to shoot a few birds over her as she progresses with her training.

Dan, Mike, Joe, Doug and Joe, Upland Bird Hunt

Dan Butler put together an all day upland bird hunt for his brother Joe, Mike Severe, Joe Hodge and Doug Carlson. Travis Devall got the morning duties of guiding in the Clubhouse Field. Even with the wet weather the birds flew nicely out of the sparse late spring cover. A bit of lunch and then over to the Cabin Field for the afternoon with Jeff Powell and his pups. Great way to end the season on a nice hunt.