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Merrell and Lulu, Quail Work

Merrell Collins brought out his new rescue, Weimaraner, Lulu for some more work on quail. I set some singles in the East Bottom Field prairie strips for Lulu to find. She did a nice job and found them all. I think I was supposed to back up Merrell, but pretty sure I missed the only bird I shot at. Nice progress for the young dog.

Tyler and Aaron, Pheasant Hunt

Tyler Ferin came out with his English Setter, Asher and friend Aaron Mitchell to hunt some pheasant. I set some pheasants in the frozen East and West Bottom Fields and Asher hunted them up. I caught up with them as they finished on the east side, just in time to see them get into a covey of left over quail. After clearing out the center ditch they headed west and flushed a couple more pheasant.

Derrell and Elsie, Quail and Chukar Hunt

Derrell Listhartke brought down his brittany, Elsie for a couple of quail and chukar hunts. The first afternoon he headed down to the semi-frozen East Bottom Field, I came along a caught a few rises on camera. Good hunt, some steak for dinner, bacon and eggs for breakfast, before Derrell and Elsie hunted the Cabin Field going after the same quarry.

Ward, Charlie and Troy, Pheasant and Quail Hunt

Troy Jones set up an upland bird hunt for a couple of waterfowlers, Charlie and Ward Williams. The ducks weren’t abundant, but the pheasant and quail were in the Cabin Field. Colton Wilkins and his shorthair, Preacher did the guiding on a cloudy, wet but warm morning. Preacher found the pheasants and both quail coveys and the shooters did their job, coming back with most of their birds. Great break from watching empty skies.

Matt and Harrison, Quail and Chukar Hunt

Matt and Harrison Baird came out for a quail and chukar hunt on a sunny, cool but wet morning in December. Colton Wilkins guided the duo out on the North Tinkerfarm Field with his shorthair, Preacher. The chukar doubles worked out well for the hunters, but the quail covers, were a little tougher, flushing in and all around the group.

Travis and Buddies Upland Bird

Travis Devall guided a bunch of his friends, Dalton and Shane Dugan, Shane and Dalton Forehand and Macclean Wall on a upland bird hunt. They hunted some pheasant, chukar and quail in the North Tinkerfarm Field on a sunny, but muddy day. Lots of dog work and shooting in this video as they cleared the prairie and milo of almost all their birds.

Bud, Nitro and MyGirl, Quail Hunt

Bud Harold came over with his old pointer, Nitro to hunt some quail. I set out some coveys in the East Bottom Field for Nitro to find. After knocking down most of those quail and some new coveys set out, My Girl, Bud’s young pointer, got here chance. Another nice set with some good dog work, Bud came back with most of his birds.

Farley Family, Quail and Chukar Hunt

Chad, Cole, Luke, Tim and Ross Farley came out to hunt some quail and chukar. They headed out to the Cabin Field with Jeff Powell to find some quail coveys and chukar doubles. The chukar were no match for the hunters, but quail are tough for a big group and they scattered the coveys to the surrounding timber and fencerows.