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Heavy Snow on Prairie Cover

There is a lot of cover that will not hold up to ice and heavy snow, after the first blast they are down and out. Not prairie grass and some of the legumes.

Here is a patch in the Clubhouse Field the morning after last weeks heavy snow.

The same spot the next afternoon, most of it is back up and still excellent cover.

Partridge Pea patches are a savior for birds on snowy and icy days. Check out how it is still standing up, holding all the snow leaving a nice hiding spot for birds along with plenty of seeds to gobble up.

Hildy’s Last Litter Puppy Info

My German Wirehaired Pointer, Broomhilda, has had her third and last litter of pups. She had 1 female and 5 males. There are four males available for sale at this time. Hildy is excellent in the field and in the house. She has been a great guide dog and is an incredible, disciplined predator. The Sire is my newer dog Aldo.

Aldo is a great looking, healthy German Wirehaired Pointer male. He came from Midwest Gun Dogs in Hale, Mo. The main reason I bred with Aldo was how easy he was to train, just like Hildy. He was a natural pointer and backer and I have been able to refine those skills to make him a real force in the upland field.

Hildy’s Pedigree

Aldo’s Registration. You can check out Aldo’s lineage at . Pups are available at $1,200 and can be seen at Sandy Run Hunt Co. They were whelped on January 14th and will be available to go home with you on March 3rd.

Hildy Puppies Have Arrived!

Hildy whelped her litter on Saturday, January 14th. We ended up with 6 healthy puppies. One female and five males. She ended up that evening completing her last delivery via, C-section at Durbin Veterinary Clinic. That morning at 10:30, about an hour before her first pup delivered she pointed and retrieved a wounded hen pheasant during a bathroom break.

At this time, I plan on keeping the female, so I have five German Wirehaired Pointer males available. $1200/pup. Next week, I will post pictures and pedigrees for both parents. Aldous, a male wirehair is the father.

Here is the sire, Aldo. I will get better pics up soon. I think that is a deer bone he is carrying.