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New Pointer Puppies For Sale

Jeff Marshall brought down some of pointer pups to get them on some quail in a new environment.  I am keeping Itty Bitty and Sue to give them some more training and new experiences in the field.   

The pups did great, finding and pointing the quail in the prairie strips in the East Bottom Field.  They had a blast, all of them getting some points and a bird or two to retrieve.  

The pups are five months old.   The dam is Jeff’s pointer Jenny and the sire is Fenton’s Elhew Bo.  These are going to be some really nice pointers.   These two females and a third male are available now for $400 each.  As they get more training, the prices will increase.  

Jim, Johnny, Lumie and Chris, Upland Bird Hunt

Lumie Jones set up an upland bird hunt for his deer hunting buddies, Chris, Johnny and Jim Carson and Hugh Rhodes. i guided them along with Sol, Ava and eventually MyGirl in the Clubhouse Field, going after some pheasant, chukar and quail. Lumie and Carsons did a nice job knocking down the birds, while Hugh, recovering for a shoulder injury came along for moral support. Excellent morning in the field, came back with almost all our birds.

Marlin, Jacob and Stacy, Pheasant and Quail Hunt

Marlin, Jacob and Stacy Filer came out to hunt some pheasant and quail. Steve Sanders did the guiding in the Cabin Field. Stella, Spec and Jake did a nice job and they came back with all their birds. The next morning they came back again along with Lynn to hunt some pheasant and chukar. I got out Sol and Ava to find the birds in the Clubhouse Field. My pointer in training, Jenny, decided to join the hunt a couple of times, helping but not helping. Some good shooting and we came back with all the birds for a second day in a row.