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Bud, Nitro and My Girl, Quail Hunt

Bud Harold brought out his old pointer, Nitro, to run him on some quail mini-coveys, before Christmas. Nitro found the coveys and Bud knocked down as many as he could with a double barrel, before we got out his new pointer, My Girl, out of the kennel to work on her own quail. My Girl did a nice job finding, pointing and retrieving the birds all around the Cabin Field.

JD, Jeremy and Josh, Upland Bird Hunt

JD Stroud set up a hunt for his sons, Jeremy and Josh, just into the new year. Steve Sanders guiding the trio over at the North Tinkerfarm Field with his set of pointer, dropper and lab, Stella!. They had a lot of nice rises on pheasant and chukar with the birds getting out of the milo, prairie strips smartly. The second quail covey rise was a good one, scattering birds all over the field.

Connor, Scott, Dave and Jerry, Pheasant and Chukar Hunt

Dave Diecker set up his annual New Year’s Day pheasant and chukar hunt with his grandson, Connor and friends, Jerry and Scott Koerkenmeier. Colton Wilkins brought out his shorthair, Preacher to find the birds in the Clubhouse Field. Lots of chukar doubles and triple rises, with birds flying every direction through the hunters, making for some interesting wingshots.

Chris and Mike, Pheasant and Quail Hunt

Chris and Mike Davis came out to some pheasant and quail on wet, cloudy day in late December. Travis Devall did the guiding on the Cabin Field with his pointer, setter, brittany trio. Some nice rises and possibly a bit of a close shot to start off the hunt. The roosters were a challenge, running and flushing ahead of the hunters, while some of the quail found safety in the timber.

Sam, Tyler and Garrett, Upland Bird Hunt

The Thalgotts, Garrett, Sam and Tyler came out for an upland bird hunt over the the holiday season. They picked a wet, but otherwise nice day in the field, low temps, light wind and no sun. Jeff Powell did the guiding with his mix of dogs, including his little, black, cocker spaniel Meg. Meg did a nice job flushing the birds for the hunters out of the Cabin Field prairie strips and wooded edges. The young hunters had a great time and plenty of shot opportunities.

Jacob, Andrew and Luke, Upland Bird Hunt

Luke Schaal brought out his son, Jacob and Andrew Schaal for a Christmas break, upland bird hunt. Travis Devall got to guide the hunt for chukar, quail and pheasant over at the Cabin Field. The day was wet, nasty and windy and the pheasant didn’t play fair, running and flushing ahead of the hunters. The chukar and quail behaved better and gave some good shooting opportunities.

Wesley and Steve, Pheasant Hunt

Wesley and Steve Scott came out for a Christmas holiday pheasant hunt. They picked a windy day, so the pheasants were on the run, but stuck around the thick fence rows of the Clubhouse and Cabin Fields. Travis Devall brought out his dogs, Sadie, Jax and Zip, who were able to find all the birds with only one pheasant escaping with the help of a strong, north wind.