Burl Brumfield


I have only known Burl for the last couple of years, but I enjoyed every hunt he came out for.  Burl always had superb dogs that looked and hunted like champions.  He carried a beat up, Franchi 20 ga which he could bring up and “snap” shoot at the rising quail coveys with precision.   But, he didn’t shoot much, I think he was out there mostly to watch and work the dogs.   He will be missed in the fields this season.

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Mike Beckett set up a quail hunt with Larry Jones and Burl Brumfield.  They both brought their English Pointers, Bill and Julie and Buck, Dot, Hank and Lucy, respectively.  A couple of covey of quail were stocked in the Clubhouse Field and Bill, Julie, Buck and Dot got the call for the first run.  After a short break, Hank and Lucy replaced, Buck and Dot and the four pointers had a chance to find a couple more quail coveys.  The last brace even found a bonus rooster that didn’t stand a chance.  Check out the dog work in this video.

Mike Beckett set up a quail hunt with Burl Brumfield and Larry Jones who brought their English Pointers, Buck and Dot and Bill and Julie.  I put out some five bird mini-coveys and the hunt was on.  The four pointers found the coveys and singles with some nice points with three dogs backing.  Good dog work followed up with some nice shooting, the guys only left a couple quail for seed.


Burl Brumfield set up a quail hunt with Blain Pinkston and Charlie Bowlin and whole pile of English Pointers  A couple of five bird mini-coveys were placed in the Clubhouse Field and Cherry Blossom, Jack and Dot, a brace of young English Pointers got the first shot at the birds.  For round two, more mini-coveys were stocked and the more experienced pointers, Jesse, Buck, Jake, Abby and Lucy held the birds for nice rises.  Some really great dog work on some classy dogs and some nice pictures and video of the action.

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