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Ward, Charlie and Troy, Pheasant and Quail Hunt

Troy Jones set up an upland bird hunt for a couple of waterfowlers, Charlie and Ward Williams. The ducks weren’t abundant, but the pheasant and quail were in the Cabin Field. Colton Wilkins and his shorthair, Preacher did the guiding on a cloudy, wet but warm morning. Preacher found the pheasants and both quail coveys and the shooters did their job, coming back with most of their birds. Great break from watching empty skies.

Travis and Buddies Upland Bird

Travis Devall guided a bunch of his friends, Dalton and Shane Dugan, Shane and Dalton Forehand and Macclean Wall on a upland bird hunt. They hunted some pheasant, chukar and quail in the North Tinkerfarm Field on a sunny, but muddy day. Lots of dog work and shooting in this video as they cleared the prairie and milo of almost all their birds.

David, Ryan, Nick and Anthony, Upland Bird Hunts

David Knaus set up some hunts for his buddies, Ryan Redmann, Nick Klitzing and Anthony Sarros Jr. They picked a snowy afternoon to start their first hunt with Steve Sanders in the Cabin Field going after primarily pheasant and chukar with one quail covey. Snow kept the birds holding tight, making for some nice shooting. Good dinner and evening in the clubhouse before starting the morning with eggs and bacon before heading over to the North Tinkerfarm Field. Colton Wilkins brought out his shorthair Preacher to find the birds tucked in the snow, with a few more quail coveys for this hunt. Lots of shooting and a pile of birds to clean from both the hunts.