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Jordan, Taylor, Morgan, Alan and Paul, Upland Bird Hunt

The Shaeffers, Paul, Morgan, Taylor and Jordan came out on Christmas Eve morning with Alan Bryan for an upland bird. Travis Devall and I set out a bunch of pheasant, chukar and quail coveys out in the North Tinkerfarm Field. Travis got out his setter, pointer and brittany set to find the birds and the Shaeffers knocked them out of the sky. Lots of nice rises and shots in this video.

Jesse, Turner and Kyle, Pheasant and Chukar Hunt

Jesse and Turner Andrews along with Kyle Shierk came out to hunt some chukar and pheasant just before last Christmas. Jeff Powell preformed the guiding on the Clubhouse Field with his mix of setters, pointers, brittanys and cockers. Good hunt on a damp, cloudy morning, with the hunters coming back with most of the big birds and picking up a trio of quail.

Alex, Sam, Ross and Phil, Upland Bird Hunt

The Stocks, Alex, Sam, Ross and Phil came out for their annual Christmas holiday upland bird hunt. Sam did the guiding in the Clubhouse Field, using Sol and Ava to find and point the birds. Not many birds get away in the four Stocks are out in the field and this time was no different, with only three quail escaping into the fencerows.

Alex and Wayne, Upland Bird Hunt

Wayne and Alex Piotrojski came out for a holiday season upland bird hunt. I got the honors of guiding them on a wet, windy afternoon, going after pheasant, chukar and quail in the Clubhouse Field. I started out with Ava and Sol for our initial hunt through the field and then traded Sol for a young pointer, MyGirl to find and point the remaining birds. We cleaned up the pheasants, picked up an extra chukar, but left a few quail in the fencerows.

Angie, Cole, Tyler and Colton, Upland Bird Hunt

Cole Armstrong invited his mother, Angie Johnson to join his friends, Tyler Butts and Colton Wilkins for an upland bird hunt over the Christmas holidays. Colton brought along his shorthair, Preacher to find the pheasant, chukar and quail in the North Tinkerfarm Field prairie and milo strips. Great hunt with Preacher and the hunters all chipping in to leave only a lone chukar and quail in the field.