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Terry, Ethan and Tom, w/ Gunner and Sadie, Quail Hunt

Terry Knebel came out with Tom Hartman and Ethan Coleman for some dog work and quail hunting. Tom brought out his new brittany, Gunner, for his second time in the upland field. Terry brought his experienced shorthair, Sadie to help out and do some hunting are her own. I set out a few birds and some mini-coveys in the cabin field, Sadie did a nice job but soon tired in the fall heat. Ava and Sol were ready to help clean up the singles that were scattered around the timber on the edge of the field. Some good open and woods shooting in this video.

Steve and Remmy, Chukar Hunt

Steve Dieckmann played hookey to enjoy a great morning in the field. He brought out his shorthair, Remmy, to find the chukar stashed around the East Bottom and Clubhouse Fields. Remmy was on his game, they came back with all their chukar and three bonus pheasant.

Brad w/ Hildy, Zip and Jax, Pheasant Hunt

Brad Diecker came out on a rainy Friday to hunt some pheasant. After the showers ended, Brad, Hildy and I headed out to the Clubhouse Field into the mist after some of the big birds. Hildy did a nice job pointing the birds and Brad knocked down most. After a bit of lunch, Travis Devall took Brad after some more pheasants with this Setter, Zip and Brittany pup, Jax. They hunted through the Clubhouse Field to the East Bottom finding more pheasant than were set out.

Steve and Remmy, Chukar Hunt

Steve Dieckmann brought out his shorthair, Remmy to hunt some chukar. I set out some birds in the East Bottom and Clubhouse Fields. It was the morning after the Continental Pheasant Shoot, so Steve found a few extras. A couple of chukar got away but the duo came back with a couple spare quail and five pheasants.

Tim, Bella and Tim, Upland Bird Hunt

Tim Ridderbos brought out his lab, Bella and his buddy Tim Greenwood for an upland bird hunt. Travis Devall brought out his pointer, Sadie and setter, Zip to help find the pheasant, chukar and quail in the North Tinkerfarm Field. They picked a nice morning and an great hunt, only letting one pheasant escape.

Tom, Ethan and Brad, Upland Bird Hunt

Tom Hartman brought out his grandson Ethan along with Brad Bickhaus to hunt some pheasant, quail and chukar. Travis Devall brought out his setter, Zip and pointer, Sadie to guide the hunt in the Clubhouse Field. Ethan had some nice shots on the birds with Brad backing him up on some hard flying quail.

Steve, Mitch and Nick, w/ Wrigley and Remmy, Pheasant Hunts

Steve Wiseman set up a weekend of hunts for his two sons, Nick and Mitch. Mitch brought his shorthair, Wrigley and Nick his shorthair Remmy to find the pheasant in the Cabin Field on their first afternoon hunt. They came back with most of their pheasant and a spare quail. The next morning they headed to the North Tinkerfarm going after some more pheasant. I followed along and got video of some great rises and knockdowns.