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Howard, Gary and Howie, Upland Bird Hunt

Howard and Howie Heerdt came over from Southern Indiana with Gary Gilbert for an upland bird hunt. I set out some pheasant, quail and chukar around the Cabin Field edges in an attempt to hide from a strong north west wind. Travis Devall brought out his trio of dogs to do the guiding. This was Howie’s first hunt and he knocked down the the first rooster that flushed right at the start. They worked around the timber edge busting the coveys and chukar pairs, even having to chase and shoot a few through the woods.

John, Larry and Harland, w/Dot, Mccallister and Burl, Quail Hunt

John Cavaletto came out with his buddies, Larry Ackerman and Harland Scheibal for a quail hunt. John brought Burl, Larry brought Mccallister and Harland came with Dot, a pointer, german shorthair and brittany respectively. I set out some mini-coveys around the Clubhouse Field and East Bottom Field. The dogs found all the birds and the were flying well, so they had a nice hunt.

Larry and Jimmy, w/ Pete and Zeke, Quail Hunt

Larry Jones and Jim Robinson came out to work their dogs on some quail. First out of the box were, Larry’s Ike and King to find the birds in the East Bottom Field. The Jim got his two young droppers, Pete and Zeke, out to work some quail doubles. Nice work by the dogs, but when I was asked to help knock some down, I was useless, safety issues and slow on the draw. Then they got all four out to clean up the field.

Kevin and Bill w/Hildy, Ava, Mac and Sol, Quail Hunt

Kevin Diekroeger came in from deer hunting to chase some quail around the Clubhouse Field. I set out two nice coveys and got Hildy and Ava out to hunt the first. The hunt started off with a nice rise, but I couldn’t get my safety off and Kevin knocked down one. With him empty a couple more birds got up and I finally brought one down. Hildy tracked and flushed a rooster pheasant that we both emptied on, hit multiple times, but still coasted away. Sol and Mac got the next covey that were now spread out around the sunny south hill. The covey came up in singles and doubles and we were able to harvest most of them. Check out all my misses on this one, wow.

Alex and Mitch, Pheasant and Quail Hunt

Alex Huther and Mitch Huebner came over from southern Indiana to hunt some quail and pheasant. Jeff Powell brought out his pointer, setter and cocker to find and flush the pheasant and quail coveys I set around the Cabin Field. They had a nice hunt, bagging both their pheasant but not as successful on the quail. The fast flying birds quickly headed to the timber off the rise, to make for some fun woods shooting. I guess they enjoyed the hunt, they already booked their next trip.

AJ, Travis, Britt and Drew, Upland Bird Hunts

AJ Brose set up a thank you hunt for some of his employees and friends, Britt Kyle, Travis Miller and Drew Guenther. AJ did it right with an all day hunt and a bunch of birds. The morning hunt started with some pheasant in the Cabin Field milo strips and one nice quail covey in the prairie. Jeff Powell guided the morning hunt, with Meg his cocker spaniel flushing the birds out of the thick milo patches. They came back to the clubhouse for some pulled pork sandwiches for lunch and then off the Clubhouse Field for some pheasant, quail and chukar hunting. Colton Wilkins brought out Preacher and Bama for the afternoon hunt. I brought out Hildy to help out later on and caught a few of the rises on camera. Pretty sure we wore out the group from Indiana out with about 7 hours in the field chasing birds.

Phil, Ben and Jake, Chukar Work

Phil and Ben Hocher brought out their Boykin Spaniel, Jake, to work him on some chukar. This was Jake’s first time out for upland birds since his last training and an illness. By the second prairie strip in the East Bottom Jake was starting to listen and work well flushing the birds in range. He got better as the afternoon went on and Phil and Ben had a fun time in the field.

Dan and Jim, Quail Hunt

Dan Crunk came out with his friend Jim Rueter and I believe he had Ellie, one his pointers out to find quail coveyed up around the Cabin Field. I was able to see one of the rises and they knocked down a couple off the timber point, letting a few escape temporarily into the woods. Ellie must have been on because they pretty much cleaned out all the quail from the edges.