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Mushroom Fest 2018

Mushroom Fest 2018 will be held on Saturday, April 28th at 6 pm, at the Sandy Run Clubhouse.  Come and enjoy some mushrooms, crawfish, corn, tators, chicken, fish and more.  Bring and chair, what ever you like to drink, a couple of shrooms and a dish if you want.  Always a great party, chance to meet other hunters and enjoy some awesome food.

Continental Pheasant Shoot, February 18 2018

Sandy Run Hunt Co. held it’s fourth Continental Pheasant Shoot of the season on February 18th. Beautiful sunny day, with just a touch of south wind, great weather for a shoot. Ten shooters popped away at 120 birds knocking down a little over half before the clean up hunt.  When you watch the video look for the guy with the pump, pretty sure that is me missing every shot.

Courtney, Ryan and Josh, Upland Bird Hunt

Courtney Daum came out with her brother Josh and boyfriend Ryan Keppler to hunt some pheasant, chukar and quail. They picked one of the few snowy mornings, but Jeff Powell along with his setter, brittany and cocker were up to the task. The dogs did a nice job finding, pointing and flushing the birds from the South Tinkerfarm Field.

Harlen, Jeff, Jon and Joe, Upland Bird Hunt

Harlen Lucas set up a hunt for his buddies, Jeff Zenhoeffer, Joe Zahn and Jon Lamb. They picked a snowy morning back in February and I chose the milo and prairie strips on the north side of the Cabin Field as nice place hunt all the pheasant, chukar and quail they wanted to shoot. Travis Devall used his trio of dogs to find and point the birds. Some really nice quail covey rises and some loud roosters, check it out.

Wil, Gerritt, Todd, Wayne and Tim, Upland Bird Hunts

Wil Bryant set up an all day upland bird hunt bird hunt for his friends. Sam Stock got to take out, Mac, Ava and Sol into the snowy Clubhouse Field for the morning hunt. Lots of shooting, they picked up some extra pheasant and left some quail. Back to the Clubhouse to enjoy my chili for lunch. Jud Wilkins took them back out to the Clubhouse Field with his dogs, Bama and Preacher. They still found extra pheasant in the afternoon hunt and brought back most of their quail for a extremely wet field.

Bud and Nitro, Quail Hunt

Bud Harold came over with his pointer Nitro for some quail hunting. I spent an enjoyable morning in the Clubhouse Field as Nitro found the coveys and then singles around the prairie. Check out the shooting, not sure Bud ever missed and got several doubles.