Bryan, Bryce and Shane, Pheasant and Quail Hunt

Bryan Hargrave set up an overnight hunt with his buddies Bryce Brazier and Shane Patton.  They came on a Monday around noon, got settled into their rooms and did some clay pigeon practice.   I set out some pheasant and quail coveys in the Clubhouse Field on a 70+ day with strong winds, not ideal conditions.  The first day’s hunt started out a little rough with a running and then a disappearing pheasant, but it soon got much better.  I ran through three sets of dogs on the hot day and came back with a bunch of birds and a spare chukar.  A couple racks of ribs, some cards, a good nights sleep and then some biscuits, gravy and eggs they were ready to go again for their second hunt.  Steve Sanders did the guiding this day, chasing around the birds in the Clubhouse Field again.  Another great hunt on a hot day, they headed back to Southern Illinois with a cooler full of bird meat.