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Jim, Bill, Josh and Matt, Pheasant and Quail Hunt

Jim and Bill Siatos came out with Josh Bruhn and Matt Tranter to hunt some pheasant and quail. They picked a hot, sticky, sunny afternoon for their hunt. Jeff Powell brought a pile of dogs to find the birds it the thick, Clubhouse Field. It was a good hunt for the conditions with Jeff having to trade out dogs a couple of times, but with some good shooting they still came back with a bunch of birds.

First Continental Pheasant Shoot of the Season Coming Up

Sandy Run Hunt Co. will hold it’s first Continental Pheasant Shoot on Saturday, October, 20th.    Come out early and do some warm up on clay pigeons before heading to the field to unload on some high flying pheasants.  Then I will feed you some lunch, before you can head back out to find of the birds that got away.  Call, text or email me to get your reservation while I still have spots available.

Steve, Rigby and Willie, Pheasant Hunt

Steve Weidman started out the new Sandy Run season with a pheasant hunt.  Steve brought out his Large Munsterlander, Rigby, and Springer Spaniel, Willie to find the pheasants in the Clubhouse and Pasture Fields.  The first rooster of the season came out high and fast  and took a few pellets, but kept flying.  Steve finished the hunt with dogs finding that bird hunkered down along the north pond levee and he didn’t get away this time.

Rod, Ava and Hildy, Pheasant Hunt

Rod Carlson came down for a couple hunts. The first day he picked was a frog-strangler, lots of rain. I have successfully hunted pheasants in the rain, but not this day, just too wet. After an enjoyable evening, nights sleep and breakfast, Rod woke to dryer day and a better pheasant and chukar hunt.

Todd and Jason, Quail Hunt

Todd Thoman invited his buddy Jason Runde out for one last quail hunt of the season. Steve Sanders brought out his pointers to find the coveys hidden around the Cabin Field timber point. Some nice rises on the prairie edges and then into the woods to clean up the singles. Nice way to finish off a great season.

Effingham Equity, Upland Bird Hunt

Brock Murray set up an upland bird hunt for some of his customers and suppliers for Effingham Equity. Jeff Powell took out half the group to the Clubhouse Field, after the quail coveys, pheasant and chukar. Colton Wilkins took his group and pair of dogs over to the Cabin Field. Three nice covey rises on Colton’s portion of this video.