Central Prairie Field Trial Club, Fall Trial

The Central Prairie Field Trial Club held their fall amateur field trial at Sandy Run Hunt Co on October 29th.  The club used the East and West Bottom Fields for the trial.  Jeff Marshall and Ted Ellis judged the shooting dog and derby trials.  Conditions were far from ideal with warm weather, swirling winds, thick cover and a pile of pheasants running around.   Dan Crunk and Butch Spellbring judged the gun dog and puppy trials.  I entered my setter Ava in the gun dog trial again, but could not get her around the course.  She had one really nice point and didn’t really want to back her bracemate Bob.  The final straw was a quail at the end out in the open that just wanted to flutter and run around, too much for her to take.  Still a fun day in the field with a bunch of dogs having a blast.