Central Prairie Spring Field Trial Coming up on March 31

Jimmy Dale McNutt Amateur Shooting Dog Trail

The Central Prairie Field Trial Club will be holding its spring trial here in the Sandy Run Hunt Co. fields on Saturday March 31, 2018.

If you have a good hunting dog, you should consider entering in the Amateur Gun Dog Trial.  The dogs in this trial run the course with another dog, need to be able to find birds, back dogs on point and hold their point until the bird flushes.  Sounds like your dog can do that easy enough, bring him out, maybe you will get one of mine in a brace.

If you are looking for hunting dogs and puppies, you can make some contacts with some folks who know where there are some of the nicest hunting dogs for sale or on the way.  Plus the trials give anyone a chance to see some classy looking dogs in action.  Bring your horse, ATV or walking shoes to be part of the gallery.

Check out some video from the club’s fall trial at Sandy Run.