Chuck and Gene w/ Kizzy, Duke and AddieMay Pheasant and Chukar Hunt

Chuck Gurkin and Gene Hodge came out for pheasant and chukar hunt, with Gene’s lab Kizzy.  Kizzy got some help from her buddy, Duke, a cocker mix that came out for a nice walk.  I set some birds in the Clubhouse Field and Kizzy did a good job finding and flushing them.  The birds were up and on the move on the warm spring morning so they left a few birds in the field to give Addie May, Gene’s new shorthair pup a chance to find her first bird.  After some shotgun acclimation and retrieving practice, Addie May headed out on here first hunt.  They came back with a pheasant that Addie found, pointed and retrieved, great start.