Introducing the Southern Illinois Grouse Hunt

I would like to introduce a new hunt available at Sandy Run Hunt Co., I call it the Southern Illinois Grouse Hunt.  I have lived and hunted in some places that have grouse hunting, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado and Virginia.  I really enjoyed the challenges of grouse hunting, the quick birds, heavy cover and rough terrain all make for a fun day in the field.  I designed a course through the timber, pine groves, locust thickets and prairie edges to simulate the type of grouse cover I have hunted in the past.  Unfortunately, I do not have grouse available, so I use chukar partridge as a replacement.  Although they don’t have quite the rise of a grouse, I remember the firs grouse I heard take off, it sounded like someone was starting a diesel tractor in the woods.  But, chukar fly hard and can be a difficult shot in the dense cover. 

Check out the video of me and Dewayne on the first Southern Illinois Grouse Hunt, it was a lot of fun, interesting shooting and really nice time in the field.

Here is a video of the first brave souls to do the hunt.