Keith, Tylear and JW Upland Bird Hunt #1


Keith Criner, Tyler Ginn and JW Catt stopped by on their way to their annual duck hunting trip in central Illinois.  They left home a day earlier to enjoy some upland bird hunting and a night’s lodging at Sandy Run.  I stocked a mixture of pheasant, chukar and quail in the Clubhouse field and headed out with Curly to hunt them up.   They picked a beautiful warm and sunny day, so the birds were up and on the move.  Curly along with Mac and Sol found them all and a couple extra pheasant, some good shooting and the boys had a benchful of birds at the end of the hunt.

One thought on “Keith, Tylear and JW Upland Bird Hunt #1

  1. Keith

    Great time Bill!
    Thanks for the hospitality and great wing shooting. We had a blast (pun intended)!
    Hope to do it again soon.

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