Kevin, Ina and Bill, Woods Quail Hunt

Kevin Diekroeger and I love the challenge of shooting birds in the timber, so we decided to try the first all in the woods quail hunt. The plan was for me to set a large covey of birds (16) in the large food plot in the middle of the thickest part of the Sonnemann timber. Go in, point the covey, knock down a couple and then hunt singles spread out in the woods. The plan did not work, I set out the big covey in a nice batch of grass in the food plot and got all of three steps before they erupted, scattering south into the timber. I went and got Kevin and his wirehair, Ina, (Penny was on the disabled list due to pulled tooth) to find all the singles. Even without a nice rise we had an awesome hunt. We found 15 of the 16, a couple birds two to three times, and came back with 11 quail. Lots of great points and those birds in that woody cover fly great. It is a fun, challenging hunt that required at least a box of shells.