Last Upland Bird Hunt of the Season w/ Zach Collins

Zach Collins chose the last day of the season to have his first hunt of the season.  High of 48 and cloudy with a bit of wind, not bad for April 15th.  I emptied the bird cages of pheasant, chukar and quail and scattered them throughout the non-burned leftovers of the Clubhouse Field.  Yadi, the yearling Setter, got to go on his first hunt with a client along with Curly.   The seasoned wirehair and the setter pup did a fine a job and after getting through the pheasants, a couple of chukar and a quail covey, it was back to the kennels.  Sol, Mac and Doo got to play clean up and Zach shot well with only one pheasant escaping til next season.