Puppies, puppies, puppies and more puppies

My friend and world class dog trainer, Jeff Marshall, has had a busy summer and a pile of English Setter and English Pointer puppies available.   All of these dogs come from great hunting stock and are bred to have the desire, smarts and nose that awesome bird dogs require.  Give Jeff Marshall a call 217-370-6176.

jm 1

The first litter is out of Ava, a dog I had in my kennel last season and Brad Hire’s stud, Buck.  They will be 7 weeks old and ready to go on Monday, August 1st.  There are 4 females still available in the litter, 1 orange and white and the remainder tri-colored.  The sire is out of a line with Shadow Oak Bo and Grid Iron
jm 2 jm 3

The other Setter litter is out of Jeff’s female B, which won the Open Derby Dog of the Year and sired by Buck.  There are 5 females and 4 males, with 4 orange and white, and 5 tri-colored.   Both parents are great hunters, this litter will be ready on August 23.

Jeff’s first pointer litter is out of Jim McNutt’s female Homestead Jill and sired by Bad River.  He has one orange and white female, one liver and white female and three orange and white males ready now.  They will be 8 weeks old on August 1.   Bad River has some nice lineage with Up Close, Sinbad and bunch of Elhew blood in past generations.

The second pointer litter was just whelped on July 27, with the breeding of Jeff’s young female Georgia and bred with Bad River.  I will let you know and get some more pics as the litter matures.

These puppies are priced right too.  Great deal for the breeding behind these dogs, $550 for setters and $450 for pointer pups.  Give Jeff Marshall a call 217-370-6176.

Jeff will also have started puppies available this winter, just in time for the second half of the game preserve season.