Rod, Zach, and Taylor w/Zella and Zoe, Quail and Pheasant Hunt

Rod Ferguson came down for an overnight hunt with his two sons, Zach and Taylor to get their new puppies on some birds.  Rod and Zach picked up two, sister, German wirehaired pointers that are now 10 months old and just couldn’t wait to get out in the field to find some quail and pheasant.  The first afternoon we started off with a few quail singles to get the dogs in tune to what they were out here for, then on to a whole pile of quail coveys up all around the edges of the clubhouse field and pasture.  The pups did a nice job finding, pointing and chasing the quail around the pasture and bottom, even with the hot weather and dense cover.  We enjoyed a nice evening meal, and the baby bears even won a playoff game for them.  The next morning after coffee, eggs and bacon they headed back out starting out with some quail coveys and then on to some pheasant.  Zella and Zoe again had a blast and got better with each find.