Sandy Run Upland Fields: The West Cabin Field

Sandy Run Hunt Co.Upland Fields: The West Cabin Field. The West Cabin Field is located on the south west corner of the Sonnemann Woods section. Parking is on the east end of the field, just past the cabin driveway. The main part of the field is a shorter mixture of little blue stem, partridge pea, various grasses and forbs. Plenty of room to have two to three big quail coveys, a bunch of chukar, even a pheasant or three.

2 thoughts on “Sandy Run Upland Fields: The West Cabin Field

  1. Don Schymick

    Bill, I really like watching your videos. I’m still kind of disabled but I’m going to try an book a hunt with ya this season even though I still have the same old dog that flushes the birds before I get to em. But being I said that I just like going no matter that I don’t kill any.

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