Sandy Run’s Newest Field: Pasture Field 2.0

The Pasture Field is located in the North West corner of the Sandy Run Property. Sitting just West of the Clubhouse Field and North of the West Bottom Field. The Pasture Field has a mix of established prairie, new prairie, bottomland grasses and trees and assorted spots of timber. The Pasture Field is just a short walk from the Clubhouse, ~400 yards. Crossing through the tree line separating the Pasture form the Clubhouse Field there is a small prairie field with Heaven’s Half Acre to the South and a small pond to the North.

This season we converted an alfalfa field to a mix of prairie, milo and millet. East and West of the new prairie are some older, more established prairie fields. In the Northern part, the old creek bottom has some grassy cover mixed with a few small Ash and Locust trees. The North Branch of Sandy Run Creek runs along the West edge. The Pasture Field is good throughout the season with some lighter cover for early fall but enough heavy cover left for March hunts. The mix of prairie, bottoms and timber make for some fun shooting.