Ted, Nate, Jarrod and Three Wallys Upland Bird Hunt

Ted McGee set up a bird hunt for his buddies Nate Burgess, Jarrod Good and  three generations of Wally Good.  They picked a mix of quail, pheasant and a couple of chukars.  Ted’s English Setter Jenny started out the hunt and then Greg Ireland along with Daisy did the guiding.  Ted’s English Pointer pup Ace came along to learn from Daisy.  Some really nice covey and pheasant rises in this video.  Ted provided some chili and the group enjoyed reviewing their hunt in the clubhouse afterward.

2 thoughts on “Ted, Nate, Jarrod and Three Wallys Upland Bird Hunt

  1. Walt

    Kindly let me know:
    – are these chukar, quail and pheasant hunts in Illinois or in the other states?
    – is hunting license required?
    – do you have snow geese hunts?
    Walt Scharf, Chicago

    1. sandyrunhuntco Post author

      All the hunts shown here are at our Game Preserve in Fayette County Il. For Illinois residents a hunting license is required, non-residents can buy a game preserve hunting license. We do not have any snow geese hunts.

      Tks, Bill

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