Terry, Lou, John and Sadie Quail Hunt

Terry Knebel came out for a quail hunt with his buddies, Lou and John Stamm.  Terry brought his German shorthair, Sadie, fresh off the disabled list to find the birds.  Terry wanted some open shooting for the hunt, so I put out some mini-coveys of quail in the milo strips at the north end of the Tinkerfarm Field.  They did pretty good, coming back with all but one bird and chasing a wily pheasant that they couldn’t get in range.

One thought on “Terry, Lou, John and Sadie Quail Hunt

  1. John Stamm

    It was a great time hunting at Sandy Run! Bill lends a top-notch hunting experience! He makes you feel right at home with great advice and delicious sausages and cheese. Look forward to the next hunt, even though I need massive amounts of practice.

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