Tom, Angel, Butch and Lady, Upland Bird Hunt

Tom Lloyd came up with his hunting buddy, Dr. Angel Reyes from Florida, picking up their friend Butch Phipps in Kentucky on the way.  We started out the hunts with an afternoon quail hunt at the Tinkerfarm Field with Dr. Reyes’s German Shorthair, Lady.  Lady wasn’t sure what to do with the heavy and tall milo, prairie and fencerow cover, but she found all the coveys and they knocked down enough quail for a nice mess.  Pork steaks for dinner, omelets for breakfast and then out to hunt some pheasant and chukar in the Clubhouse Field.  Lady got some help from my kennel in the big, thick cover and we came back with a pile of birds.  That afternoon we were back at the Tinkerfarm Field for some more quail hunting, even picked up some of the birds from the previous afternoon’s hunt.  T-bones and fried tators for dinner, a nip of Buffalo Trace and biscuits and gravy in the morning.  It was all Dr. Reyes, Lady and me in the next morning, hunting pheasant in the milo strips of the East Bottom Field.  Lady got the hang of Illinois cover and we nailed all of the birds I set out.  I am glad they made the journey from the South, great hunt and fun times in the field and the lodge.