Dave, Larry, Doug and Marc, w/ Daisy, Chica, Holly and Dan, Quail Hunt

Dave Schumacher set up a hunt for his buddies, Doug Hayes, Larry Kleiner and Marc Seale.  They brought along their dogs, Dan, Daisy, Holly and Chica, respectively.  I set some quail coveys in the Tinkerfarm Field and they elimated the first one that got up in 3 rises, their hunt got more interesting after that with some coveys flying to prairie strips and timber around the edges of the field.  That turned out to be a good thing, because they found three pheasants hiding out in the fencerows.  Marc got Chica, his young, Golden Retriever, a little work by herself on a couple of chukar in the Clubhouse Field.  She did a good job, finding and flushing both, one twice and a couple of nice retrieves.