Duck and Shed Dog Available For Sale

My long-time friend and neighbor, Steve Bradley, is trying to find a home for his dog Gee.  He recently retired and plans to be doing a bunch of traveling and does not have enough room in the camper for Gee.

Seven years ago Steve bred his pudelpointer, Duchess,  to my lab, Ty.  Gee was the pup he kept and trained to find deer sheds, retrieve ducks and hunt upland birds.

She is excellent at finding sheds, bringing back as many as four or five in a hunt.  Including this monster.

Wow,  that is an ugly dog, but as far as duck hunting, she can sit still in the blind and run blind retrieves.  She can be handled through whistle and hand signals.  Although, she may not be the best in extreme cold conditions.

Gee was also trained to hunt upland birds.  She is an excellent retriever, but over the past couple of years has become less steady.  She does not back and likes to crowd the birds at point.  She could be hunted close for upland birds as you would any flushing dog.  Excellent nose.

Gee has been a kennel dog her entire life and is excellent health.

Steve is looking to sell her for $200 to home where she will get ample opportunities to get in the field or woods after birds or sheds.  Call or text Steve Bradley, 618 335-6683 to meet Gee or just G for short.