Hildy Puppies Have Arrived!

Hildy whelped her litter on Saturday, January 14th. We ended up with 6 healthy puppies. One female and five males. She ended up that evening completing her last delivery via, C-section at Durbin Veterinary Clinic. That morning at 10:30, about an hour before her first pup delivered she pointed and retrieved a wounded hen pheasant during a bathroom break.

At this time, I plan on keeping the female, so I have five German Wirehaired Pointer males available. $1200/pup. Next week, I will post pictures and pedigrees for both parents. Aldous, a male wirehair is the father.

Here is the sire, Aldo. I will get better pics up soon. I think that is a deer bone he is carrying.

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    1. sandyrunhuntco Post author

      Brian, once they get their first shot around 6 weeks you can come out and pick the boy you would like. You are welcome to come look anytime before that.

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