Keith, John, Don, Tyler and David, Upland Bird Hunt

Keith and Don Criner came up from Arkansas with Tyler Ginn, Don Brawley and David Bailey on their way to waterfowl hunt on the Illinois River. They stopped by for an upland bird hunt, a bed and some food. I filled up the Clubhouse Field with pheasant, chukar and quail for the first round and got out Sol and Mack to find them. They picked a warm afternoon and it seemed that we saw pheasant running down every path we came to. After many points and shots, I changed dogs added a few more birds to the mix and got out Ava and Hildy. Another successful trip around the Clubhouse and into the pasture and bottom fields after the moving birds. I smoked some chicken for dinner and filled them with coffee, eggs and bacon for their trip north the next morning.