Setter Pup, Tough, Up for Auction

        This setter pup, Tough, will be going home with the highest bidder next Saturday.  The Cumberland Trail Chapter of the Quail and Upland Game Alliance, QUGA, banquet on September 29th at the Vandalia Moose Lodge.  

        Tough is a well-bred English Setter,  the dam is Homestead B (Ava’s daughter) and Roundabout. Tough is all white with a bit of orange on his head and ears.  He will be about 20 weeks old at auction.  Homestead B is the daughter of Ava, who has High-Test Skyhawk in her lineage.  Roundabout is a direct descendant of Shadow Oak Bo.  

       Tough was lucky enough to travel to North Dakota this summer and got some good experiences out west.  Since he has been back, Travis Devall has continued his training and it looks like he is coming along nicely.  Should be able to be in the field well before the season is half way through.

Jeff Marshall sold his litter mates for $600.   You have an extraordinary chance of getting an excellent hunting dog at a discounted price at the banquet.