Worst Blow-Ups of 2014 – 2015

Compilation of some of the worst, bird-destroying shots that I caught on camera last season.  Some are just too close, doubled up on, tripled, just blown-up.   I do not condone these actions, game birds are too fine a delicacy to waste.  But, they are fun to watch.

2 thoughts on “Worst Blow-Ups of 2014 – 2015

  1. Wes Stueber

    I plan on driving over to hunt some of your quail next month finally. Now that I’ve retired I can come over during the week!
    I’m heading up to Canada at the end of Sept. for Ruffed grouse and woodcock w/ my two Brittany’s. (I hope we don’t run into any wolves up there?)
    Do you know of a guy from Hagerstown by the name of Bob Smith? He has a gun shop there and I used to work with him in Highland, years back. I thought he said he knew you?
    Look forward to meeting you next month! All the best…
    Wes Stueber

    1. sandyrunhuntco Post author

      Good luck with the Canada hunt, that sounds like a blast. Not sure what to do the woodcocks after you harvest them, nastiest meat I have ever tried to eat. I wouldn’t worry about the wolves, they are very reclusive. Do a lot of shooting and dog calling and they wont stick around. I know of Bob, but have not met him or been in his shop. Looking forward to having you come out for some hunts, I think I have been sending you stuff for five years now. I appreciate you checking out what I send, I try to keep it useful and fun.

      Best Wishes, Bill

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