Best Shots and Worst Shots of 2014 – 2015

Compilation of the some of the best shots I recorded last season at Sandy Run Hunt Co.  Some of these shots are first birds taken by young hunters,  some capture nice backups, and even I get in on this one with a nice shot on a chukar in the woods.

Sometimes no matter how easy, how many shots are taken, a lucky bird just flies through a cloud of lead.  Check out this compilation of some of the worst shots I caught on camera last season.  

2 thoughts on “Best Shots and Worst Shots of 2014 – 2015

  1. dennis knight

    well outstanding lol, bill if I come up to hunt, prefer to hunt alone, not much into the gang banging especially over my dogs no way, not anti social but unless I know someone they don’t shoot over my dogs can get a dog shot on release low quail, anyways guys that don’t hunt over dogs very much are a pain in the ass, have no clue how to read a dog when working birds and trying to point running birds….anyway good flying phesants, good cover, looks as if you have a really good set up…..I am 68, and have hunted over birddogs when we had a lot of quail, when I was a kid as dad always had birddogs….keep in touch dennis

    1. sandyrunhuntco Post author

      Wait til you see the best covey rises from last season, you will think it is the good ole days again.

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