Brad Bickhaus and Friends Upland Bird Hunt and Fish Fry

Brad Bickhaus got some friends together for an upland bird hunt.  Terry Knebel and his German Shorthair, Sadie, got to guide Brad, Dave Gerber and Tom Hartman over at the Cabin Field.  They had a good time, finding an extra rooster pheasant and chasing a lot of quail in to the timber, making for some interesting shooting.  Greg Ireland brought his dog, Daisy, to guide Dave Mueggenburg, John Adcock, and Jim and Brady Cox for a hunt at the Tinkerfarm Field.  Daisy did her usual awesome job and they came back with all but a couple of birds.  Gary Marco and his English Pointer, Babe, got to hunt the Clubhouse Field with Tom Lavelle, Andy Tosh and Jason Govreau.  Babe did a nice job finding all the birds and hunters, especially Tom, showed surgical expertise with their shotguns.  After the hunt, they broke out the fish fryer and all shared crappie, hush puppies, cole slaw, ect.  Weather was a little too nice for hunting but awesome to enjoy the meal outside in the sun.